Danni King - Losers Get Left - Overs

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Description: My real man gets steaks - served by me in my cute little outfit and my high heels with a nice cold beer. What do loser cuckolds like you get? Leftovers! I'm not even talking about the scraps from my boyfriend’s plate either cucky. You're not even man enough to eat the leftover gristle and fat from the fat steaks my stud has devoured. No when I say leftovers I mean the filthy, cum-filled condoms my boyfriend has left on the floor after fucking me! It's so fucking gross but it's all you get to eat on steak night when my real man has come over. You'll wait patiently at the bottom of the bed in your chastity device and cuckold collar while my boyfriend gives me the alpha-fucking he deserve. You'll listen to me moan and scream as I orgasm over and over again, and you'll stay meek and silent like a good cuckold coward. My stud is going to fuck me until he's run out of condoms, leaving his discarded, jizz-filled bags in a pile on the floor ready for you to eat up your leftovers. When we're done, you can crawl over to that big pile of condoms, pick them up in your mouth and suck out his cumloads while we laugh at your humiliating show! How much of a loser do you feel slurping down the cum of my real man while we watch you! He'll get whatever he likes, your food, your beer, your girl - and all you get is his used condoms and his slimy cum leftovers!
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