Princess Aurora - Bullied & Humiliated CEI

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Description: Bullying you losers into gulping down your own cumloads is only half the fun - Humiliating and mocking you while you jerk your cock into your own face and then laughing at you for actually swallowing it - now that's fun! Let's face it - losers like you don't have many opportunities to make girls like me smile - but you can humiliate yourself for my entertainment. Allow yourself to be totally ridiculed just to amuse me - you'll do that won't you. So, when I tell you you're going to eat your own cum for me - and I explain how I'm going to put you into the most embarrassing position and watch you jerk yourself off into your own face - you'll do it. I'm MAKING you do it! I'll bully you into doing it - your weak little mind won't be able to put up any resistance - just put your legs over your head and point your cock into your face ready to give yourself an emasculating cum shower. But while you pump away at your loser-stick, let's just spend a few moments contemplating the pathetic predicament you're in. You are all contorted in front of a hot girl, desperately trying to cum into your own mouth just for my enjoyment. You are pathetic! You are a Loser. You are a humiliation addicted cum junkie! Oh, I've only just started on your verbal humiliation loser. By the time you've filled your mouth with your own cum and I'm done laughing at you for making you hold it in your mouth - I'm going to make you swallow it down while I tell you just what a weak, cum-slut faggot you really are. Swallow your load while I give you the worst verbal beat-down of your life!
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