Ceara Lynch - Aarons Hypnosis CEI 2

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Description: Watch as I mesmerize this poor fool, Aaron. I turn him into my puppet by talking to him slowly and persuasively while playfully teasing him my hair. I can get him to so whatever I want. He is completely under my control as he stares into my eyes. I order him to take off his pants and begin touching himself through his underwear. Once he is worked up even further, I smile sadistically and tell him to get a pair of scissors and cut off his shirt and then his underwear. When he’s completely naked, I have him get a glass and piss in it, then hold it up to his mouth and drink as he jerks his cock with his other hand. Its so effortless for me to turn a grown man into a human toilet with just the power of my beauty. I count him down from 10. When he gets to 1, I tell him to cum in his hand and then place it in his mouth and hold it there until I snap my fingers. I snap my fingers a second time to bring him out of the spell.
Models: Ceara Lynch
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