Mina Thorne - HypnErotica: Yearn to Swallow

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Description: Once you stop resisting and give in to me, I can make you do anything, and deep down you want to do absolutely anything I ask. You have started to crave to go deep for me, the seductive feeling my trance leaves you with. Using two different methods of induction, I begin your descent under my control, you don't fight it, you simply obey and immediately go under for me, your trance state deepening with each moment. I heighten your senses, your arousal increasing as I take over control of your cock and instruct you to stroke. I can turn you into anything and I will make you crave the taste of your own cum. The taste of it, the smell of it, the texture...you want it, you need it. There will be no hesitation when I command you to consume, it will be automatic. As your arousal increases so does your need to swallow. By time I give you the command to cum your mouth will be salivating in anticipation.
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