London Lix - Cum Popsicle CEI

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Description: This is not for cum eating instruction beginners. This clip is for real cum play enthusiasts. For those of you who have a real fetish for the sticky stuff. You know what I mean - you love watching bukkake scenes, you fantasize about drinking cum from a condom of another man, you store up multiple loads to gulp down and marinate your tongue in. Perhaps you're a little sissy whore or a cumbucket wannabe. Either way, this is an incredibly sexy new cum eating instruction challenge which will push your limits and REALLY turn you on. You're going to have the taste of cum in your mouth almost the entire time you're jerking for me today. I'll be instructing every lick, suck and bite of your cum popsicle, teasing you with my mouth around my much tastier treat. You will need multiple cum loads (at least 5) stored up and frozen in a popsicle container, or phallic shaped object, to play along.
Models: London Lix
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