Priestess Katherene - Masturbation Mantras: Come Eaters

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Description: It's Masturbation Mantra Monday! Masturbation mantras are phrases that you repeat after me while stroking your cock. They're meant to be played on repeat, so that you get further brainwashed and submissive with every stroke, repeating my mantras over and over til you come. Play it as many times as it takes to come, and come as many times as you want! You have a rare free pass from me - unlimited orgasm as long as you are repeating along. Find the freedom and relief in my own particular brand of confession, worship and praise me, participate in your own brainwashing - and love every second of it. This one is for the nasty little boys that love the taste of their own come - or love to hate it. Do you just adore giving yourself facials, stroking your cock and thinking of spraying it down your throat?
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