Goddess Alexandra Snow - Trance: Cum Junkie Forever

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Description: If you liked Trance: Cum Junkie, then you'll love this one! A thorough, methodical, and sensual induction leads you down into a relaxed state. Then, as I begin to talk to you gently and seductively, the subliminal images begin. Small, brief flashes at first, but becoming longer and more pronounced: making you completely suggestible to my introduction of eating cum. Further and further I take the suggestions until your mind swims with them. I command you to focus on the screen and watch as I tease you, keeping you rock hard but focused on becoming the best cum eater you can be. You will understand that your orgasm can only be obtained by eating cum, and you are so aroused that it is inevitable. By the end of the video, you will never again balk at licking up that sticky, white mess.
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