Princess Fierce - Masturbation Humiliation - LOSER JUICE

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Description: Your nuts build the second my verbal humiliation is hurled your way. Your biggest accomplishments in life are being a beta bitch loser. The second my hot body teases you, your balls begin to fill up with your LOSER JUICE. You feel it build and build as I continue to destroy your self esteem. My beauty and hot body make you submit. Your loser juice is aching to be let out from your balls, but you know when you squirt that puddle your tongue is going to be licking up every lost drop. This clip contains elements of masturbation humiliation, cum eating instructions, cei, humiliation, verbal humiliation, ass humiliation, pussy denial, beta humiliation, beta bitch boy, cum eating, jerk off instructions, masturbation instructions, loser abuse.
Models: Princess Fierce
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