Admit it, Crossdressing Makes You Cum Harder Than Anything Else

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Description: Hi loser, do you want to stroke to me in this hot shiny outfit I’ve got on today? Do you wanna rub that nub? I’ll let you but you have to admit that crossdressing gets you so fucking hard. I know you love seeing girls dressed up in sexy lingerie and dresses like I’ve got on right now. You really do love looking at pretty pussies in cute little panties but you also love slipping on all these things yourself, don’t you? So if you want to cum for me, you have to dress up for me. Now this is kind of feminization, sissification, crossdressing encouragement. I want you to embrace the fact that you’re not a real man, you’re more comfortable in women’s clothes. There’s just something about slipping into some stockings, or putting on a pair of heels that makes you feel so fucking horny. It’s just not the same if you try to jerkoff like a normal man now is it? No, you can pump your cock to femdom porn all you like but you can only cum really hard when you’re wearing something naughty. So let’s get you dressed up, shall we slut? I want you to look like a pretty little sissy for me before you cum. Because if you’re going to cum, it’s going to be in panties, stockings, a bra and heels, lol! I know you little sissy boy crossdressing addicts love the girliest panties you can find that frame your little nub perfectly. Now admit how much you love wearing panties. Good girl. Rub your little clitty in panties and I rub my panties. Touch yourself like a girl and you’re going to cum like a girl from rubbing your nub right in those panties. Dressing up feels so much more appropriate for a loser like you. You’re a pretty little crossdressing whore who wants to slip his legs into a pair of stockings. So slip them on with some garters. You love all of the options, all of the feminine accessories. Dressing like a man is so boring, but when you slip on wifey’s clothing, or steal panties from your girlfriend, yea I know what a pervert you are. It feels naughty but you feel pretty. When you dress up you can let your desires run wild. You know you shouldn’t be doing it, but you can’t help it, you’re just a crossdressing wanker. I’ll bet you go all out, putting on lipstick and a wig, turning yourself in a total fucking whore. You love living in this little fantasy world. It’s your little escape. In your crossdressing world you can escape from all the stresses of your every day life. I want you looking pretty for cocksucking. You’re a crossdresser, I’m sure you’ve thought about it. I don’t know any crossdressing males who fantasize about fucking a woman dressed like that. No, most crossdressing males want to suck cock and be used like the whore that they are. I know you want to lift up that mini skirt and take a big cock in that slutty ass of yours. I know you want to go to the glory hole and suck cock with those painted lips. I know what you are. I know what you want, what you need. Now rub your nub and get ready to cum in those panties. And I’m going to degrade you even further and make you eat up your own mess you cum eating crossdressing faggot! You’re so lucky I’m willing to tolerate your sissy crossdressing cock sucking ways.
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