Hot Juls Fetishes - Mindless Bitch JOI

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Description: It's like i am your virtual girlfriend. You go home, grab your p0pperz, put me on your screen and get totally fucked up. Are you ready to get high for me on ? I love when you get so mindless, stupid, i can do whatever i want with you...You become just a putty in my bratty hands. Who wants boring JOI? Lets make it fun and hot. Let's play a little game. Every time you take a sniff that last at least 3 seconds i will spread my long legs and give you peeks of my Goddess pussy... I am wearing super hot pink fishnet pantyhose without any panties. You won't be able to resist my cock teasing...Remember the more you SNIFF - MORE TIMES I WILL TEASE YOU WITH MY PUSSY IN MY PANTYHOSE. I will tease you over and over with my hot ass, no panties, and give you plenty of JOI. I will start with 3 seconds sniff and go all the way to 6 seconds. Let's see if you can last, because incentives are high! You are just a mindless toy for me...And i enjoy feeding my toys their own nasty pre-cum and jizz. So take another sniff, bitch boy, because you will be slurping up your nasty pathetic load. Goddess Juls
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