Mz Devious - New Year's Cum Toast: CEI

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Description: It's a great time to start new habits and 2017 will be the year you eat all your cum. Uh huh! Toss your jizz rag, say goodbye to crusty tube socks and crunchy spooge stains on the carpet because starting today you'll be a self-cleaning fapper. Let's make a toast to 2017! There won't be champagne in your glass. Nope, you're going to pump your gooey load into a champagne flute and guzzle that dick-snot in style! *Oh you fancy.* Jerk your cock as I psych you up about eating cum. I'll count you down twice; first a cum countdown (fill up your champagne glass) then a NYE countdown and toast *cheers* drink it all up! First cum of 2017!!! Happy new year, cum guzzler!
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