Madison Stone - Nervous First Time Cum Eating Instruction

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Description: You want to eat you cum for the very first time but your nervous, what will it taste like? What will it feel like sliding down your throat, will you gag? Will you spit or swallow? So many questions going on in your mind as a newbie cum eater. I'm here to help you with your nervous nature but guiding, instructing and convincing you how much YOU want to do it for ME....also you but you really want to impress me. You're a cum eating virgin who needs his hand held through the process to insure you fully go through with it. That's where I start to mind fuck you, get inside your head and remind you how much you want to do this and how brave it will be. If my words of convincing aren't powerful enough I use my sexy muscular body to make you brain and 100% vulnerable, you can't say no to me. You don't want to disappoint me do you? If you don't eat your cum I'll be disappointed and we wouldn't want that would we? I'll show you exactly how I want you to do it and how to position your body, legs behind your head and spread them....just like me. I'm flexible and you may not be able to get your legs as far back as me but I know you'll try!
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