Princess Lexie - Sneak Away to Swallow Your Cum

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Description: Thanksgiving is coming up soon and I have a special task for you on this holiday! It's simple really: I want you to sneak away to a bathroom or a bedroom or anywhere you can get some privacy and I want you to stroke for Me. Up and down, up and down, jerk under My expert command. I know you're such a pervert that it shouldn't be a problem at all for you to jerk with your family or friends right outside the door. And since turkey day is all about indulging and consuming delicious food I have a little twist in mind. You're not just going to be stuffing yourself with stuffing, no no no--I want you to eat your own cum for Me too! Hahaha doesn't that sound so good? You are such a naughty boy for Me, I'm sure you'll be swallowing that load in no time.
Models: Princess Lexie
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