Bikini Blackmail Ballbust Lyne - Pervy Br0ther CEI JOI

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Description: Heading out to a costume party but I wanted to get your opinion first. As soon as I see you and start showing you My costume, you instantly become turned on. I mean, I had an idea that you were turned on by Me, but I didn’t ever think it was like THAT! Even My high school boy friends would tell Me they thought you were into Me. Wow, well since you’re so turned on by Me, maybe I can actually have a little extra fun with you. You seriously want to fuck Me, don’t you? Maybe you should take that cock out and show Me what you’re working with, br0ther. Ooooh.. go ahead, stroke it for your s1ster. . Here I’ll even give you some of My spit to stroke with. But you may stroke under one condition.. you must cum exactly how I tell you… haha, this is going to be fun! I hope you’re hungry, br0!
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