Sarah Rae - The Challenge CEI

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Description: Busty goddess knows you can't resist huge tits wants to play a game with you. She challenges you to jack off to her tits WITHOUT cumming for 10 mins straight. You must follow her instructions, and if you blow your load too early, then you have to eat your own cum off of her massive tits. She's pretty confident that she's going to win. You are completely powerless and accept the challenge. She teases in a tight red vinyl top and tells you to stroke very slowly. She toys with you, making you think that you actually stand a change at holding out. She starts flexing her tits and her top is so tight that you can see every detail. She knows that you are completely weak to her strong, powerful tits. She tells you to pick up the pace and you can't help but do what she says. Time is coming to an end and she is done playing around. She bounces her tits as hard and fast as she can while commanding you to stroke faster and faster. She bounces so hard that her tits burst out of her top and you explode too early. Too bad you can't control yourself around gigantic natural tits.
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