Bratty Jamie - Taking Sissy Out

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Description: my idea is that I'm a sissy and your going to take me out to the club to find some cock. You tell me to get dressed up in some slutty lingerie, slutty dress, thigh highs and heals. After I'm all dressed you tell me how slutty i look and tell me how we are going to grind our asses on guys to get them hard and find the biggest cocks. You see that I'm getting hard and tell me we cant have that at the club so you have me jerk off while sucking a dildo. You also have me fuck my ass with it till i have to cum. When i do have to cum you have me cum on my face to get used to it for later. while all this is going on you keep telling me what a slut i am and how slutty i look in these positions. Would that be a video you would make?
Models: Bratty Jamie
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