Natashas Bedroom - Two Creamy Loads CEI

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Description: Two fresh loads of cream, delivered straight from your cock into your mouth. It's a two course challenge for you, my little cumslut. It's so hot to coax you into eating your cum, and it's going to be more than doubly hot to see you down two whole jizzy mouthfuls. Don't worry about whether you can go through with it. I'll be so gentle, so encouraging, and so seductive that you'll have no choice but to eat it. There's no pressure, no rush. Just focus on the pleasure. Just focus on the enjoyment of your own body. I'm going to take my time with you today. You'll edge again and again, the hunger building with each cycle, until you finally explode into your own mouth. You'll savor that first load of cum, holding it in your mouth and making it last, as you begin working up the second course. It's easy to get hard again with the taste of cum in your mouth, especially when I'm enjoying it just as much as you are. And you know what? It's going to taste even better and feel even more exciting the second time around.