Goddess Kendall - Sweet & Sensual CEI

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Description: Why are you so scared? Are you afraid I'll be mean? Aww, you're scared bossy Kendall is going to hurt your feelings! How about this... I'll be nice to you today. You don't have to be so nervous. I'm going to make you finally live out your cum-eating fantasy. You always chicken out, but you're going to do it for me this time. You're going to slurp a big, salty load just for your princess. You'll do it because I've agreed to be so sweet to you. No yelling, harsh words, cruel laughter. I'm going to gently, sensually coax you into it. No need to be so anxious. You were made for this, after all. You would make such a great faggot. You really should consider switching teams. You secretly know this, deep down, and you need a firm goddess like me to help you realize your true semen sucking potential.
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