Miss Kira Star - Secret Desires

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Description: Custom clip: I would like you to wear your black leather pants/black framed glasses/black lipstick, long black latex gloves, have your hair pulled back into a tight ponytail and have no shirt on at all but have two black electrical tape X's over your nipples. In the clip I would like you to give a slow lap dance. or the first half of the video, then the second half you lean in very close so I can focus only on your face. In a low, whispered voice, you instruct me to stroke for your black lips, promising that I get to cum on them at the end of the clip if I do exactly what you say. Finger in my ass and prostate massage. You finish the clip with a 10 second countdown to cum on your lips but at number 1 you hold out your hands, tell me to cum into them then demand that I lick the cum off them.
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