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Description: I corner you in a bedroom at our family reunion. You've ignored me all day, but I know better. I know you miss me and my familiar body. After all, we were each other's firsts in every way. We wouldn't have stopped if we hadn't been made to. I've missed you so very much ever since I moved away for work. You have a fiance now, but I know you truly want me instead. Prove me wrong. I know you can't. You wouldn't let me kiss you like this if you didn't want it. You wouldn't let me touch your dick if you wanted her instead of me. You know you love me as much as I love you, big brother. Let's run away together... Move in with me so we can start a family! I want us to climax together. Get me pregnant, big brother! Tonight, I want you to try and impregnate me. No one will ever love you like your little sister does, so let's be together forever. We were each other's firsts, now let's be each other's lasts. Let's create our own family. I love you so much, big brother... Stay the night with me.
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