Natashas Bedroom - I Want Every Last Drop

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Description: This clip contains one of my longest virtual sex scenes yet. You'll enjoy over 14 minutes of pure, intimate, orgasmically blissful POV sex with me. I walk into the room wearing a skimpy red dress and nothing underneath. I put it on for just for you; I know you're unable to resist my seductive powers when I'm so scantily dressed. With a seductive but cutesy glimmer in my eyes, I slowly strip out of my dress while confessing that I'm absolutely desperately horny for you. I need your cock right now -- it's all I've been able to think for days! I straddle you, still begging to ride your cock, and my eyes roll back with pleasure when I feel you slowly slide into my unbelievably wet pussy. As I slowly and sensually grind on your cock, I can't help myself from whispering all the dirty thoughts that fill my head. I don't usually talk like this, but I've lost all self-control to the waves of pleasure that are overtaking my body. I grind faster and faster before forcing myself to slow down. This just feels so good that I want it to last forever. I start slowly grinding on your cock again, my pace building harder and faster as my body edges uncontrollably towards an intense orgasm. "I want to feel your cock explode inside my pussy as we cum together. Please, please, please give me your cum! I want every drop inside my convulsing pussy. Oh god, please!" And after you explode inside of me, I keep grinding on you, even slower now. I'm going to make sure that I get every last drop of your cum inside my pussy...
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