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Description: You're my handy man and while I was out on a sh00t, some guys came around pretending to be from the gas company. You let them in, locked the door, then called the police. I came in earlier to thank you, only to find your laptop full of my videos!! How unprofessional! Hiding my anger on the topic, I come back later to confront you. I knock on your door asking to come in. I tell you I want to thank you and I give you some pucker kisses. After a second, my true intentions show. I yank the sheet off, mount you, and then wrap my hands around your throat. If you're quiet and a good fuck slave I may keep you around. I fuck you until I cum, pouting my lips because I know it drives you crazy. Maybe if you keep your mouth shut I'll visit again for another round. Or I may just get rid of you altogether... I am your employer and I can do whatever I want with you. Don't forget it.
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