Erotic ACTIVITY game with your mom

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Description: Finally! After the holidays you stay home alone, just with your mommy! You had a big plans how to spend time with you much love making and so much pleasure!'ve been saving your cum for mommy during whole holidays season and you can't wait when mom make you get rid of it!!!....But...there is something, you didn't expect, your mom get the plans too!!! She will not gives her self to you so easily as you told! She prepares some game....What are you?! Not a little boy to play games! But your mom insures will love this one! It is erotic game....kind of activity!!! But of course...the pint of this game is...make you both in mood for the big ending after! That completely change the situation and you are looking so much for to play!!! Mommy make it all ready and explain you the rules! Yeah, she says...there are the rules...otherwise it all doesn't make sense! And now...when everything is clear.....let's play.....with each other! This game includes everything what you love! Kissing, tits play...and some thing you didn't even expect!!! Mommy has to talk dirty to you....that's turns you on so much that for the next challenge you are completely hard end ready! Pointing your hard dick to your mom....obviously she love to see that!!! Your turn dance from your mom and then some hot pussy licking....finally you can feel mommy's tasty pussy! And slowly the game getting hotter and cock has to disappear in mommy's pussy as deep as you can....but....she is so turns on by you and your cock....she can't and she won't to keep her pleasure any longer...she goading and having the huge, loud orgasm!!! Now she feels so satisfied!!! And what about her baby boy? Does you mommy leave you with that hard cock and the balls full of semen?!!!
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