Sex Surrogate Takes Virginity

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Description: Im your sexual surrogate Xev Bellringer, nice to meet you. If your therapist hasn't told you already, we're going to be having sex. I've been assigned to your case because most of your social anxieties can be therapeutically solved through intercourse. Now, I understand you are a virgin so you are probably going to be nervous throughout this session. That is totally fine, Im not here to judge, just to help - so we can go as slowly as you need to. Foreplay is an important part of sex so we should start there. I'm going to massage your shoulders, then move down your chest to your legs. That feels good doesn't it. I'm going to strip off my clothes now so you can touch me ok? My breasts are soft and warm, so is my pussy. Mmm that's it...I know you're aroused and so am I now. Are you ready? Ok just slide it in nice and slow OH! You're big! I...I mean, that's a good thing. Keep going, you feel amazing. Mmm yes, nice and deep. Are you sure you're a virgin? Don't cum yet! Professionally speaking, I shouldn't say that, are very gifted. Mmm oh yes!! Harder!
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Models: Xev Bellringer