Natalie Wonder - Sweetie, Did You Hurt Your PeePee?

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Description: Honey why are you hunched over like that? Oh no, you accidentally hit yourself down there, didn't you. Sweetie, I'm sorry....I know that probably hurts so bad. Just keep breathing. Take deep and out. Feeling any better..? I hope you didn't bruise it or anything. Why don't you let mommy see it. Let mommy see your peepee. Oh don't be embarrassed sweetie. I just want to make sure everything is okay. That's my good boy...let mommy see it....pull your pants down. There you go....Hmmmm sweetie, it's a bit red. Can mommy touch your balls and peepee to make sure nothing hurts too bad? let me know if this hurts. How does it feel. Feels better..? Good, I'm glad. You like when mommy touches your peepee like this, don't you. Mommy's warm, soft hands. Let me rub some lotion onto it. I can help you with a nice release, sweetie...Mommy can show you her perky tits too. You used to love sucking on them. Needing my warm milk. Now it's mommy's turn to get your warm milk out, sweetie. Let mommy make it feel really good for you...
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