Princess Ellie Idol and Mandy Flores - BROTHER GETS A SHOW

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Description: Best friend Mandy and I are looking quite ravishing in our matching thong bikinis. We are admiring ourselves in the mirror, talking about hooking up with hot guys at the beach when Ms. Flores' brother is caught spying on us from under the bed! "Does brother want a show?" We torment him with our dirty talk and sexual touching. Mandy teases him whats a matter, brother, are you getting blue balls? We begin to grind on each other. You wanna pound my pussy dont you? she says. We talk about hooking up for a threesome with that hot lifeguard... two hot hands on one cock and you dont get either hand, just your own, little brother". We decide to count you down as we touch each other....but of course, you explode on 6! How pathetic!
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