Penny Barber - Mommie Gives You Sex Chores

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Description: I’ve been thinking and it’s time for you to start, well, have you noticed that your D@d and s1ster have a very affectionate relationship? They sometimes stay in the same bed, go away together, and give each other massages? Well, I’m hoping that you’re ready for that sort of relationship with me. Would you like to start fucking Mommie? You know, it’s nothing that I didn’t do at your age. I messed around with my parents, too. Now that you’re 18 you’re ready to start making your own decisions. Once you admit that you do think about fucking me and that you would like to have more than the usual Mommie-s0n relationship, I show you the list of daily sexual chores that I’ve come up with for you. I have it all written down. I read to you aloud each sex act you’re going to have to do and for how long—and they just get more and more sexual as the day proceeds! Should we start right away? Well, first thing on the list is.
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