Mommy Confronts Sissy Son

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Description: *Custom* "Basically, what I'm looking for is a "JOI," or maybe a "gay training" video during which you (as my "stepmom") berate me for "pretending to be straight." I would love it if you would show me pictures of guys that you think would be perfect for me, and make me repeat things, like "I love men," or "I dream about kissing men," or "I want to have a boyfriend," things like that. " Let's face it, son. You aren't like the other boys. It's painfully obvious. Fortunately, your ever-so-understanding stepmother is going to show you there's nothing wrong with being a faggot. I show you one slide after another, instructing you how to rub your little clit. You'll be the perfect sissy slut in no time.
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