Science Fair Project

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Description: You've been working on this mind control device for months, tweaking it and testing it out subtly. Not wanting to try too hard before you know it'll work. But it's time. Time to give it a try, and go for the big game: your mother. You've wanted to make this device for this very reason, to get your mother to finally give in and fuck you. You can tell, she's been a closet slut. Short skirts, tight shirts - you're going to make it happen, finally. You keep it on the middle setting at first, watching as she tries to fight it. Making her undress as she tries to combat the overwhelming power of your device. You let her try, laughing as she buttons and unbuttons her shirt, until finally you're done playing. You direct the device straight at her and watch as she gets completely naked. She begs you not to do it, but you aim the device again and make her masturbate while you watch. She gains control every so often, begging you to stop, begging you not to make her cum. She's totally humiliated and you love it, savoring her embarrassment as she cums hard. Once she's done, she grabs her clothes and runs from the room, ashamed. Later, you walk into the bedroom to find her lying on her bed. She sees you looking at her and asks if you're here to apologize...well, not quite, you say...your device has a higher setting you know, and you're not done with her yet...
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