Jerked Off By My Step Daughter

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Description: Brooklyn is going to a concert tonight, but her car is in the shop. Her friend cannot drive either, but she suggests that Brooklyn offer up a hand job to her step father to convince him to let Brooklyn borrow his car. Brooklyn is a little grossed out by the idea, but there are no other options. She decides to take one for the team and she confronts her step father to ask him to borrow his car. Since Brooklyn just had an accident with her car, he is skeptical of loaning her his car, but Brooklyn is a smart girl who knows how to get what she needs. She is willing to offer some encouragement to her step father as he strokes off. You take your dick out and Brooklyn immediately understands why her mother is with you. That is a nice cock and it immediately inspires Brooklyn to strip down to her bra and panties. The bra is soon removes and her big tits are on display for you. She turns to show you her perky bubble butt and you just want to jump her. Maybe she can help you a little more? You promise that you will keep this a secret, right? She takes her hand and wraps it around your hard shaft and she begins to stroke it. Brooklyn removes her panties and you almost cream right in your hand. This girl is sexier than you ever realized. Not only would you let her borrow your car, but you would buy her a car right now if she asked!! She asks if you think that she can make you cum harder than her mother can and you are ready to find out for yourself. Every word out of her mouth makes you feel one second closer to your orgasm and she finally coaxes a fat load from your dick. You are more than happy to let her borrow your car.
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