Custom Clip: Mother-Son Fantasy

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Description: You've been working on what you call your Oblivion Device for years. First you tried it out on friends, making them do sillylike imitate a gorilla or whatever. Then you moved on to making them steal stuff from convenience stores. Of course, your device makes it so that they don't remember a thing. There were glitches at first: it would fail and then they'd snap out of it mid-act. It was too risky, they knew something was up. So you fiddled and fixed your device, installing the hardware into your glasses - kinda like google glass, only not lame. Once you were confident in your device, you decided to try it out. On your teacher. The whole point was always to build a device that would let you have whatever woman you wanted, without her being any the wiser. And it worked! You got yourself detention by coming in late a few days in a row, and when you were all alone with her in class, you started your commands. You made her suck and fuck you with her mouth, pussy...but when you moved to her ass, it was too much. As you unloaded your cum into your teacher, she had a powerful orgasm of her own and snapped out of the control! There you were, pants around your ankles and balls deep in her ass! Needless to say, you were expelled. So here you are, sitting in your living room while your mom reams you out for what you did. She's appalled. Disgusted. She can't believe her own son would do such a thing! And you can't believe it, but there's only one thing on your mind. As your own mother is lecturing you about respect and consent, you switch on the device, navigating the command menus to make your mom expose and fondle her breasts, all while still lecturing you. Completely oblivious to what you're making her do. Perfect. You make her get on her knees, taking out your cock while she tells you how you'll be making it up to the teacher. You click "Suck" and watch your mother start to orally worship your cock. You recently implemented some speech commands, and you have fun with "Confess," listening to your mother admit all the dirty secret thoughts she's had about you before you can't hold back any more, leaving a thick load right in your mother's mouth, for easy cleanup.
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