Miss Luscious - Suck All The Things

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Description: Alright my little cum slut.. you're going to suck on ALL the things today. I'm going to have you stroke your cock, as you insert a butt plug up your ass, and then instruct you to suck on your goddesses most exquisite items for your dirty whore mouth. First you are going to suck on my dirty heel like a good boy. Show me how well I taught you how to suck on things. You like that don't you? Next I'm going to have you suck on my big purple cock, like a good little slut. Deep throat it. As you keep jerking off with my cock in your mouth and the plug up your ass, I'm going to countdown and let you cum.. and like a good boy you're going to swallow all of it.... and of course there is more.. I said ALL the things... ;)
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