Lady Fyre, Sarah DiAvola - Marinate Your Mind for Goddess Legs

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Description: We already know your weakness is legs in stocking and pantyhose. We know you're ready to do anything we want, even before we encourage you to participate. You're horny as you kneel before us, ready to accept instructions. Ready to let us into your mind. We encourage you to take shots so you can let go of any inhibitions and allow yourself to savor the fear of falling into our web. Once you're starting to feel our power, we give you instructions for a 20-minute break. When you return to us, your mind marinated in inebriant, you will be totally ready for the next step: sniffing your inhalants. You will fully give yourself over to the power of two beautiful women showing off legs in nylons. How bad do you want to release?
Models: Lady Fyre
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