Princess Fierce – Gay Guidance

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Description: *This is a custom clip that contains the name Herbie* It’s time to FACE your TRUTH. I will guide you toward your reality. You stumbled upon on of my pirated CEI clips and you hit the play button. The clip confused you and you had to get into contact with me. You immediately felt connected to me, sexually and mentally. I know exactly why you got tangled into my web. Hearing me talk about cocks and cum eating immediately altered your mental state. You’re confusion is beginning to make sense, you’re a faggot in need of guidance. I transform men into my ideal slaves. I start by making them eat their cum and get men hooked on cocks. I am the Faggot Maker pumping men out of the Fierce Factory. I am a faggot making machine rewiring your brain. I active your true sexuality. I turn all men with wives and girlfriends into cock licking money making slaves. I’ve taught you all about loving to eat your cum and your faggot making machine is going to seduce your mind until you eat your faggot food for me. This clip contains elements of slave training, coerced gay, mind fuck, make me bi, mental domination, psychological domination, cei encouragement, reprogramming, homo erotic, gay jerk off instructions, cei, findom, pussy denial, financial domination.
Models: Princess Fierce
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