Goddess Carissa - VERY Degrading Beginner Instructions For Anal Virgin Losers

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Description: Are you an anal virgin? Do you want to spread your virgin asshole and stick something in there? I know you do and I’m going to give you some tips and instructions. You’re going to need to start with a small dildo because your virgin asshole is going to be so fucking tight. Take it nice and slow. But before you insert it, I want you to suck it. Get it nice and wet and suck that dildo like the loser idiot that you are. Then once it’s wet slowly work it around your asshole. You’re going to gently work it in, and you will begin to feel your asshole open up. You’re going to feel more and more pathetic with every inch that you take. And as your asshole opens up, and you feel it go in easier and deeper, you’re going to find it more and more pleasurable. And the best position for this is on all fours. You’ll feel like a bitch down on all fours taking it in the ass for the first time. Push your ass up high and work it in deeper. And once it’s in all the way, just hold it there until your asshole is completely open. You’ll feel it. And once you do, you’re going to start fucking yourself, in and out. You’re going to feel so dirty and pathetic as it stretches your tight little virgin asshole. But we need to stretch it more, that dildo is so little. I want you to start working a finger in along side that dildo. That’s it, stretch it, then add another, lol! I’m going to make you scream and cry you pathetic little anal virgin loser. I’m going to break that asshole open and you’re going to thank me. Does that feel good loser? Do you feel that? Fuck your ass, we need to prepare it for bigger dildos. Now pull out your fingers and suck them off. I want you to feel so low, so pathetic. And don’t stop fucking your ass while you suck your disgusting fingers. And now the fun really begins. I want you to sit up on it and ride it. I want you to push it in deep and then bounce on it. Look how pathetic you are! Keep fucking it. I want to see how long you can take it before you cum just from having a dildo up there, albeit a small one. Soon you’ll need bigger and bigger ones to achieve the same effect. How does your asshole feel? Does if feel used and abused? Now fuck yourself harder and stroke your pathetic cock. I’m going to bring you to such an intense anal orgasm that you’re never going to be able to cum any other way ever again! Now rub that dildo in your cum and lick it off. I want you sitting there feel so fucking degraded.
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