Lindsey Leigh - Manipulated Cuckold

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Description: Our sex life is starting to get a bit...stagnant. I want to spice things up with a fantasy Ive always had. I want us to have a threesome with another man, preferably a black man with a huge dick. It would make me so happy, please consider it? We could do so many kinky things together. You could make up with me while he fucks me. You could suck his dick while I make out with him. You could orally please both of us while we make out. I mean the possibilities are endless. You know you want to make me happy babe and this is what I want. Ive called him over for tonight but I want you to feel comfortable when he arrives. So I got us this big black strap on. I want you to learn to suck dick like me so he thinks we've done this before. Come on, this is going to be so fun and could turn into so much more....
Models: Lindsey Leigh
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