My New Fetish - I Spy Bi Guys CEI

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Description: We need to talk.. Remember that trip we took with your buddy? Don’t freak out but well, I saw you guys together when you thought you were alone.. Yes, I saw everything including that big dildo you have and.. it was really hot! I was so surprised to find out you were into that, but even more surprised at how my pussy got instantly wet while spying on you two boys touching each other like that. I never realized how much we have in common, like sucking big throbbing hard dicks, making a guy so horny for me his cock starts leaking and licking it like a lollipop. Just talking about this gets my kitty drooling and my nipples hard, and it seems to me you like talking about how much you like those things too. We should make a deal, whenever you act like a naughty Cum Eating Cockslut you HAVE to tell me so I can tease you about it while we masturbate together and I make you eat your own cum… Our little secret.
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