Stella Sol - Peeping Tom Gets Verbally Abused

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Description: HEY MORON! Did you honestly think YOU could get away with jerking off while spying on My friends and I on the beach???? I can see you and so I figure out which place is yours and barge in angry and ready to tear your dick right off. You had NOOOO idea you'd get caught and now that you have you must face My wrath. I come in furious at you, calling you out for being such a piece of shit, dick beater, and demand that you pay Me to jerk off to Me since that's what men do, and you're certainly not an acceptation. No freeloader gets the pleasure of enjoying himself to Me without it costing him greatly. Especially no pathetic, little dick, Peeping Tom like yourself. This video will create some very intense emotional scaring so be prepared to feel as though you really are getting verbally abused by a seriously pissed off bitch that has come for your wallet and balls. This is what happens to sneaky horn-dogs when they get caught. You deserve to pay and be put to shame and I threaten you with blackmailing and reporting you if you don't pay up right away. You're sooo lucky I am professional enough to know the best way to handle idiots like you is to take your money and drain your ego with the most urgent jerk off instruction I can muster. You sick fuckers always love the pressure! Beat your dick furiously to My harsh words and accusations. Watch My perfect bikini body tease and torment you as I demand you give Me hundreds, and then hurry the fuck up so I can get back to My girlfriends, and you can be done and gone. You love My mean tones. Admit it! Having a sexy, half naked Woman screaming at you makes your dick so nervously aroused you can't help but want to watch this clip again and again. It'll quickly become a lot of people's favorites due to it's very believable aggression. Be prepared to send a tribute just like I demand too. I didn't just say it for nothing. I mean it for this clip and for real life. Losers like you always pay more to cum for Me!
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