Janira Wolfe - You Wanna Cum, Not Yet, Baby

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Description: I\'ve been missing you, baby, and I just want to play with you so bad! Don\'t you remember how much you love watching me? No, you could never forget, could you! You get so turned on just watching while I touch myself. Well, you\'ve been absent, and it\'s gotten me very frustrated. So now, I\'m going to edge you and make you beg me to let you finish. OK, now it\'s time to play. Get that cock out for me and start stroking. Don\'t you dare even think about cumming unless I decide you deserve it. I\'m gonna edge you while making you watch me touch myself. I know you love to watch me, so watching while I pleasure myself will make it even harder for you to resist orgasm. I\'m going to keep building that load for you, instructing you when to stroke that shaft and how hard, when to touch your balls, and when to just let it throb all the way through the end, when you... buy the clip to find out ;-) Part 1: You Wanna Cum? Not Yet, Baby, Part 1 (1080 MP4) and Part 2: You Wanna Cum? Not Yet, Baby, Part 2 (1080 MP4, HEVC) More edging games: Edging Could Save Our Relationship (1080, MP4)