Girls Gone Hypnotized - Rebecca Hypnotized

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Description: Rebecca tells her boyfriend that she tried to hypnotize herself with a spiral video on the internet, but it didn't work. He then tells her that he thinks he could hypnotize her by a more traditional method. Rebecca happily excepts the challenge and turns out being a great subject! While she's in a state of hypnosis, her boyfriend programs and trains her mind to obey all of his commands - no matter how absurd they may be. Rebecca becomes the perfect, mindless little slave and follows all of Master's orders without hesitation! Swinging watch inductions (2) Lots of "yes, masters" and mantras repeated Sleepwalking/zombie scenes Made to do push-ups and jumping jacks Made to zombie walk through the parking lot Ordered to vacuum carpet Frozen and posed (2) Made to brush her hair and put it in pig tails Snapped awake and thinks her shirt is on while she's really topless Full nude
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