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Description: Custom clip request "Hmm I was thinking maybe a clip where I am a spy and you are an officer who has captured me. You enter to interrogate me, and you are wearing stockings over pantyhose. As you question me, I am silent. But you realize that I am staring a lot at your legs and feet, You begin to use it against me, and you slowly make me submit. You tease me and dominate me and make me stroke for you. when I have submitted completely to you, you make me cum for your legs and feet to make me your complete slave. Pretty much the same idea as last time. The stockings over pantyhose are a big fetish of mine. Also I didn't realize it until your last clip for me but being dominated, esnlaved, and forced to cum against my will is a big turn on for me as well. So those things are the main focus of the clip. As for your outfit, I leave that to you. You have great taste in fashion :D But for the nylons I was thinking something other than black since we did that last time. Maybe tan or even some vibrant colors like red or blue or green or something could be cool. I'm sure whatever you pick will be great :) Also could you leave the stockings on for the whole time? "
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