Violet Doll – Lick My Latex

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Description: You love rubber. So shiny, so tight. You wanna touch it, you wanna kiss it. Lick it. Lick My latex. Lick here. You want more? On your knees. Commit. Be Mine and Mine alone. It’s all you’ve ever wanted. To serve a Goddess. A Rubber Queen. This isn’t kink. This is beyond fetish. You live for the taste. It feels good, doesn’t it? Giving in to your urges. Submitting to My power. This what you crave. This is what you need. Your shiny Latex Mistress, pushing you to your knees. Lick it, taste it. Savor this moment. Your epiphany. The beginning of a new life, as My servant. My slave. Lick My latex. Lick here.
Models: Violet Doll
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