Mistress Ezada Sinn – Jerk.. stop!. jerk.. cum!

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Description: Yes, I love to instruct you how to jerk, boy. To control when and how you wank is something I take great pleasure in. you're so horny looking at Me in My latex leotard, and I adore it when you are aroused by your Goddess. I'm going to train you to masturbate on My command. you’ll learn to cum only when I give you permission to cum. So start wanking, slave, and remember to follow My orders completely. Jerk, jerk for Me, faster... now stop!.. and continue. Oh, you love My big voluptuous breasts, you want to kiss My big round ass; then wank for Me slave. STOP. I can see you really want to cum! Eight, seven... stop. Jerk for Me, jerk. Two, one... now cum for Me, cum, slave! Ah, you’re such a good boy. #1 clip in category "JERK OFF INSTRUCTION"
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