Mistress Ezada Sinn – Learn to ruin your orgasm the abandonment method

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Description: I absolutely love taking total control over your cock, I know exactly what to do with it. I’ll train you to ejaculate like a real man so you can learn to please a Woman. I can see that you are very aroused by the mere suggestion of the power I hold over you, so start playing with that pathetic dicklet hanging between your legs. Its time for you to master the art of edging, teasing, denial and abandonment. I know you want to please Me, so follow My instructions completely. Begin by jerking your cock; slowly in the beginning, then quicker, and quicker… now STOP! Do not touch it, there’s no pleasure for you, no powerful orgasm, just repeated edging. All this teasing and denial is pure frustration, so here comes the fun: a pleasant ruined orgasm by the abandonment method. There will be no gratifying pleasure when you finally ejaculate, just your cum spilling out from that tiny pee hole, oozing down the shaft. It’s all about learning when to stop your stimulation by offering Me utter obedience. I guarantee after just seven nights of abandoned ruined orgasms you’ll be addicted to My Feminine power and begging for more.
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