Xev Bellringer - A Christmas Cuckold Story

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Description: You love your wife, especially tonight. The things she'll do for you... just to satisfy your deepest sexual fantasies. Going so far, pushing her own limits, just for you. Shy, embarrassed... nervous about what would happen in just a few minutes, when that fateful knock on the door would come. The mysterious man on the other side, ready to walk in and take what he wanted: your wife. She had no idea who he was. But she trusted you, and would let him do WHATEVER he wanted to her body. It made you so fucking hard. You just had to cop a feel right there in the hotel room, before he made his appearance. You thrust your fingers deep into her cunt, pumping them in and out, having her admit it all. That she too wanted another man to fuck her. And then you heard it, the knock. You rushed into the closet, where you would stay and watch him use your wife through the doors. But not before you told your wife the big secret. It was your boss who would fuck her tonight. You knew the news petrified her... but oh, it would make her want to please him that. Much. More. Strip for him, kiss him, suck his cock, slip his throbbing manhood into her wet pussy... and of course, let him cum inside of her... Because you wanted it, to see her used by your boss. And then... used by you. Fantasy includes: cuckolding, virtual sex, voyeur, virtual imposed creampie, cock sucking, stripping, woman following orders, kissing, boots, lingerie
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