IWantClips presents Miss Luscious in Spitters Are Quitters

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Description: You’ve been wondering why girls always turn you down. Why you always end up at home on a friday night jerking off to my vids, instead of out on a hot date. I’ll tell you why.. it’s because you’re a loser.. a pathetic little bitch. Just the site of my perfect tits gets you all hot and bothered.. even more so when I rub them and possibly pull them out for a quick flash. You jerk off all the time don’t you? Such a little freak. I bet you even shove dildos up your ass while you jerk off to me.. I mean let’s face it, it’s not like you’re actually going to ever stick your dick in a vagina.. so you may as well get used to chicks with dicks and dudes using your asshole for a joyride. Keep jerking it, loser, because when we finish this cum countdown, you’re taking that next step to becoming my little cum slut. But don’t forget, spitters are quitters.. you’re going to finish the job, loser!
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