Dangerous Temptation – The Only Sex For Losers

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Description: Custom clip request :Please wear a tight dress and thigh high boots. Youre getting ready for ur date tonight. But as u look stunning, did not notice me drooling over you. You feel disgusted and decide to teach me that looking at you lustfully without permission is taboo. Since I’m a virgin you decide to teach what sex is like for losers like me and allow me to stick my penis between your thigh high boots and fuck like the loser I am. You call me a pathetic joke because humping your thighs is the best pleasure Ive ever had in my life. However, ure still not satisfied because sex must contain penetration, but all Im doing is humping your leg. So you decide to give me penetration. But don’t get excited u tell me, that doesnt mean Im going to let you fuck me, ur going to let me fuck u. Im going to devirginize you with my boot heel, so get ready to be whore! you then shove the entire length of your heel in my ass. Although I scream for mercy, u continue to push the heels in and out, twisting it one way then another agonizing me, then you take out the heels, and force the toe of your boots in. Although my asshole is still tight, you force it in with no problem. Although I begin to cry, you still force it in deeper until the entire toe disappears into my ass. Without permission, I cum from your toes rubbing against my prostate. Enraged, you step on the puddle of cum and force me to gag on your heels and shoe, covered in cum forcing me to clean it and order me to leave like the used up trash I am.: