Dangerous Temptation – Worship My $H!T, On Your Knees

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Description: This clip its th most important lesson for all toilet freaks, so dont dare to miss it! How many times have you thinking of your mistress's brown things? Hundred of times perhaps, but you didnt dare to ask it alone, you need somebody to push you , to guide you .Goddes Celine is here to introduce you The Art of Eating.So many precious informations about how to please a wet hole, how to lick it, how to taste that sweet caviar, how to clean your ''plate'' after you are finishing to eat.This means discipline and you must learn it if you wana become a good eater There is nothing wrong with wanting to try something new. Allow Mistress to piss on your body and cock to show her dominance and control. Youll be surprised how warm and nice it feels.