Goddess Christina – HOMEWRECKER What Goddess Wants She Gets

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Description: So hot, so irresistible, so bratty! God…. no wonder you can’t get enough of me! You always need MORE! Poor little hubby. Your wife will never do. You can only dream about coming home to a perfect Goddess like me. You fantasize about touching me, kissing me, fucking me right as she’s there with you. It’s hard to look at your wife after you finish stroking and cumming to me. It makes total sense how much you desire to be my slave. Wanting to bow before me and worship my perfection. I’m all deserving! You want to give in to me and give me all. Men like you are always the easiest to toy with. Married, unsatisfied, vulnerable, and easy to make MINE! Goddess will get what she wants. You’ll ensure that! Won’t you my good obedient slave?!