Goddess Vivian Leigh – Goddess Nifass

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Description: It is not permissible to physically touch the Qur'aan if the person is unclean and in need of Wudhu. It is not permissible to physically touch or recite the Qur'aan if the person is unclean and in the state of Ghusl ,whether the state of uncleanliness is due to sexual defilement (Janabah), Menustral or post-partum . If the woman is a Hafidfha of the Qur'aan and there is a danger that she may forget the Qur'aan if she doesn't recite (during her menstrual periods) then Mufti Ibraheem Desai (DB) recommends the following two methods:She may use a cloth to hold the Quran and look inside while reciting in the mind. She should not move her lips. She can sit next to someone who is reciting and listen to that person. It is also not permissible to touch the translation ONLY of the Qur'aan in the state of impurity.Strong in nifass Shaytaana has a heightened temperature and prepares to ovulate. My power is greater than this silly book that I crush with my superior thighs. Your quran loves my red fingers touching every word, pleasing my body with it's pages. Cravings for impregnation as a Goddess reaches heat she craves prey and will mark her every step with her scent. fear me I am filth.*no b88 in this video, b88 is prohibited on C4S
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